Waterford Housing Development

Please click on below links to access the planning application for 8 sustainable homes at Waterford, near Hertford. The planning application was submitted to East Herts Council on 11 October 2013. Further news will be posted as the planning application goes through the planning process.  

Please note some of these files are very large files, Volume 7 in particular is 150MB and contains the technical assessment work undertaken to support the planning application, if you would like a CD copy of all the files below please contact us through our contact page.

Link to Volume 1 – Forms and Drawings (48MB zip file)

Link to Volume 2 – Executive Summary (1.4MB zip file)

Link to Volume 3 – Planning Supporting Statement (750KB zip file)

Link to Volume 4 – Design and Access Statement (1.1MB zip file)

Link to Volume 5 – Sustainability Statement (14.5MB zip file)

Link to Volume 6 – Statement of Community Involvement (11.8MB zip file)

Link to Volume 7 – Technical Appendices (150MB zip file)

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