Our planning application for the retention and continued operation of the landfill gas utilisation facility at the Buckden Landfill site has just been approved. The facility uses methane generated from the landfill operations to generate electricity, providing a cost effective means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst contributing to local and regional energy requirements.

Since commissioning in April 2002, the Buckden Gas Flare and Electricity Generation equipment has recovered 26,200 tonnes of methane from the Buckden landfill sites and converted this into 134.8 GWh of electricity, 550,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent. This installation has consistently delivered sufficient electricity for 15 years to meet the total domestic electricity demand for 2145 households.

Cambridgeshire County Council have approved the retention and continued use of this electricity generating equipment until 2038 to fully utilize the methane generated from the landfill sites.

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